Wolf Rock to Cedar Rock Loop Trail

Type: Hiking
Distance: 3.0 miles
Elevation: +700/-700
Where: Stone Mountain State Park, Roaring Gap, NC

The Wolf Rock Trail is, in my opinion, a hidden gem that offers some excellent views away from the typical crowds that frequent Stone Mountain State Park during any decent weather weekend.

Most people come to the park to see the 600 foot granite dome that gives the park it’s name, and if this is your first visit, I’d recommend the same. However, if you are a repeat visitor and have been to the top of Stone Mountain already, I’d encourage you to hike this trail as it will give you a whole different perspective.

Beginning at the lower parking lot, you can either begin on the trail behind the restrooms, or you can walk down the handicap access road to the homestead and take a right on the first trail. Either way, the Wolf Rock Trail is well marked.

The first mile is a steady climb toward Wolf Rock then the trail will parallel an old man-made rock wall on your left. When you come to a trail intersection, make a right turn to take you out on Wolf Rock. The view is amazing.

Wolf Rock

Spend a little time exploring the rock, but be careful going downhill too far. As with all areas of rock face in the park, it can get steep and slick. People have fallen to their death.

Another interesting note that I have been told, is all the mysterious circles in the rock are made by lightning strikes. Judging by the number, I’d probably stay away during a thunderstorm.

The trail will continue on, changing names to the Cedar Rock Trail. You will pass an old building and chimney on your right. If you do some exploring in this area, you might find remnants of an old liquor still.

Evidence of an old homestead near Cedar Rock.

Evidence of an old homestead near Cedar Rock.

You will encounter another trail intersection, the Black Jack Ridge Trail. Make a left to continue to Cedar Rock.

Standing on Cedar Rock with Stone Mountain in the distance.

Standing on Cedar Rock with Stone Mountain in the distance.

The view of Stone Mountain is amazing from here.

Stone Mtn from Cedar Rock


The trail will abruptly make a right turn through the woods down a long roadbed. The last time I hiked this, several blazes were missing, which might make you question your turn. But it’s the only road bed that I am aware of.

The Cedar Rock Trail will continue downhill and will bring you out at the bottom of Stone Mountain and the Hutchinson Homestead. Continue past the old log cabin and down the road to lead you back to the lower parking lot.

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