Triple Falls

Where: Triple Falls, DuPont State Forest
What: Hiking
Distance: 0.4 miles (0.8 round trip)
Parking: 35.202123, -82.620218

Triple Falls is a three-stage 120-foot waterfall located in DuPont State Forest. The falls are a popular attraction, recognizable in the movie The Hunger Games (here is a YouTube video detailing the locations).

Park in the Hooker Falls parking lot on Saton Rd. Cross the bridge over Little River.

Little River Bridge Triple Falls

The trail takes you to an overlook of the waterfall as you approach from downstream, then drops down via several flights of stairs to the base of the second level of the falls, which offers plenty of flat room to explore, picnic, take pictures, etc.

Triple Falls Overlook

The distance from the parking lot to the base of the second falls is around 0.4 of a mile.

Triple Falls

Swimming is not allowed here due to the obvious nature of fast moving water and high water falls. Also, climbing the rocks are not allowed. If you are in the mood to swim around waterfalls, check out Hooker Falls, which is on the other side of the parking lot.

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