Sliding Rock

Where: Sliding Rock, Pisgah National Forest
Type of Activity: Swimming, Natural Rock Slide
Distance: 0.1 mile (paved sidewalk)
Parking: 35.311776, -82.787660

Sliding Rock is a natural waterfall located on Highway 276 between Brevard and Waynesville. This location got it’s name because visitors can slide (around 60 feet) down the waterfall into a cold pool of water. It’s the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day, as the water temperature doesn’t get much above 60°F in the summer.

Sliding Rock

This is a very popular spot during the summer. The parking lot will fill up and the line to slide of the rock can get long, especially on holidays and weekends.

Sliding Rock is open during daylight hours, but during peak summer times in late May through early August, admission is $2.00 per person. If admission is charged, there is usually a lifeguard on duty and a nearby restroom will be open. You can still slide down the rock when the area is not staffed, but the restrooms will be closed and locked.

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