Mingo Falls

Where: Mingo Falls, near Cherokee
Activity: Short hike
Distance: 0.2 miles (0.4 round trip)

Mingo Falls is a 120 foot waterfall, just 15 minutes north of Cherokee off of Big Cove Rd.

Mingo Falls Trailhead

Although the trail says the falls are 0.4 miles from the trailhead, the falls were actually only about 0.2 miles from the small parking lot, making the round trip just under 0.5 miles if you don’t explore around the falls.

As you can see in the picture above, the first several hundred feet are stairs. This is why the trail is considered “moderate difficulty” according to some sources, but take your time if you need it, the view is worth it. There are a few park benches along the route.

Mingo Falls Approach

Once you see the bridge, the falls are just around the corner.

Mingo Falls Bridge

The wide wooden bridge offers an excellent viewing platform of Mingo Falls.

Mingo Falls

There are a few worn down unofficial trails from people who have been exploring around the falls, but they are steep and can be very slick. However, the official trail ends here at the bridge.



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