Historic Boy Scout Camps in the Uwharries

Within the boundaries of the Birkhead Wilderness, finding a┬áplace to camp couldn’t be easier. In fact, disperse camping is allowed practically anywhere in the 5,160 acre wilderness. The only rules are to stay at least 200 feet away from creeks, streams, and roads.

But for me, there are some areas of particular interest along the historic Uwharrie Trail that are worth checking out and maybe spending the night.

This map is of Boy Scout camps built in conjunction with the Uwharrie Trail. This map contains the camp trail, along with the main intersecting trail, and does not include all trails in the area. For a map of all hiking trails on this website, visit the map download.

Find out more about each camp here:

Camp 1

Camp 3

Camp 4

Camp 4-B

Camp 5

Camp 6

Camp 7

Camp 8-B

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  1. I never understood why the camps were not numbered in order. I expect camp eight was on top of Little Long Mt.

    There was also camp 4 b just before where the UT left the wilderness on the south end. I’ll go check that out with you sometime. It’s been 20 years since I was there.
    I believe there is a formal fire ring there.

    • Jimmy, I would also love to see pictures of the Camp 3 and 5 plaques, if you’re willing to share them. I included pictures of the currently existing plaques in the guidebook as a way to preserve the information, but these two were already gone. I would love to be able to add them the next time the guidebook is revised. The Scouts put a lot of effort into their work and it deserves not to be lost and forgotten!

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