Raven Rock State Park

Date of Adventure:  3/9/2013
Type of Adventure: Hiking
Total Distance Hiked: 4.3 miles
Location:  Raven Rock State Park, Lillington, NC
Those in Attendance: Luke Teague, Christina Voncannon, Daniel Luther, Ashley McMasters, Maycie

Only 60 miles from Asheboro, Raven Rock State Park was relatively unknown to me until I had a meeting in Lillington and noticed the signs pointing visitors in from 421. I may or may not have began researching the Park during that meeting, but didn’t get to visit it for the first time until later, when Brittiany and I decided last minute to day trip there.

Although the pictures you see here come from the day trip with Brittiany, on the trip described in this blog she was not with us. She was busy in Myrtle Beach on her bachelorette weekend.

The Park
Raven Rock State Park lies on the border between the piedmont region and coastal plain. They say this area is the fall line of the Cape Fear River, and in the mid 1800’s, there were actually locks and dams that allowed boats to get past the rapids here.

The most prominent feature in the park, obviously, is Raven Rock, which is a rock formation that stretches about a mile long, and is up to 150 feet above the river in some spots. Therefore, if you go to hike, then you at least need to hike down to the rock to take a look. It will be worth your time.  Somewhere, I think in the Ranger Station, I read a story about a man that was injured when his canoe capsized in the river, and on the edge of starvation with broken bones……I am not going to spoil it for you, go read about it in the park office.

The hike is not bad, fairly level, until you get to the rock of course, then there are a pretty good set of stairs to get you down below the rock on the river edge.

The Trip
We did not spend a lot of time in the Park, but we did hike down the Fish Trap Trail, did a little sightseeing, then hiked back around to the Raven Rock Loop Trail. This is the most interesting to me because of the rocks. I think they are pretty impressive to be as far east as you are in the state.  Both times I have been, it has been cold weather, so I have not tried any water activities.

There are not many special tips I can give you for Raven Rock. This place is fairly cut and dry. If you want to hike, hike the Raven Rock Loop Trail. If you want to hike some more, pick another trail and let me know about it in the comments section. As close as this park is, I will likely go back and try a few more of the trails.

Oh, and by the way, when we took this trip the Harlem Shake dance was nearing it’s peak of popularity. It would not have been appropriate had we not participated in our own, terrible quality rendition. I will apologize in advance for reintroducing this:

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