Faith Rock

Where: Franklinville, NC
Type of Activity:  Short Hike
Distance: 0.3 mile (0.6  mile round trip)
Parking:  35.743479, -79.697020


This hidden gem in the little town of Franklinville, NC on the banks of the Deep River is an excellent place to explore with an interesting historical significance.

Park in a small gravel pull off on Andrew Hunter Rd just off of W Main St (NC Hwy 22 N). The trail crosses Deep River on an elevated concrete footbridge. After crossing the bridge, turn right.

Faith Rock Footbridge

The trail will wind around about 1000 feet along the bank of the river for until reaching a large bluestone outcropping that rises straight out of the water. You have reached Faith Rock.

Faith Rock

The Legend of Faith Rock

During the Revolutionary War, a local by the name of Andrew Hunter was captured by the Tory David Fanning on May 2nd, 1782. Facing near immediate execution, Andrew Hunter leaped upon Fanning’s horse, Bay Doe, and made an attempt to flee.

Fanning and his men, enraged, fired upon Andrew Hunter, hitting him twice. Still he managed to escape the encounter. Fanning went to Hunter’s home, plundered his possessions, and took his pregnant wife hostage for the return of his horse. Fortunately for the Hunter family, Fanning was forced to leave to travel to Charleston. But Fanning would return for revenge.

Nearly 4 months later in September of 1782, David Fanning returned to what is now Franklinville. As the story goes, Andrew Hunter was riding Bay Doe on the south side of Deep River. Cornered by Fanning and his men, surely facing death if captured, Andrew Hunter turned and rode the horse down the 50 foot rock into the river below. This “leap of faith” stopped Fanning and his men in amazement. Andrew Hunter had managed to escape Fanning twice, and Fanning would leave the country later that month getting neither his horse or revenge.

If you’d like to read more on this story, you can find it here.

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